The History of World Expositions

The Seville World Exposition 1992
The opening speech of King Juan Carlos:

Year: 1992
City: Sevilla
Country: Spain
Duration: 20th April - 12th October 1992

Opening ceremony

"The world exposition in Seville which we open today is the greatest exposition in history, not only because of its size and the number of exhibitors, but also because of the variety and quality of the activities that will be presented. We are proud in 1992 to have been among those who successfully took on the challenge. My first words should therefore be to thank the thousands of people who, with their work, their intelligence, their creativity, and their enthusiasm have made this important event possible. There are few cities in the world which are as suitable as Seville for holding a world exposition: the Roman Seville, the Arabian, the Jewish, the Christian, and the American Seville, have all contributed to the cultural heritage that we Spaniards are this year able to present to our guests from all over the world.

The goal of the world exposition is to give visitors an idea of the variety and richness of the different cultures, an idea of human inventiveness, and also the idea of tolerance, to show respect for plurality and international solidarity. The bridges which connect the Cartuja island to the city of Seville are therefore brilliant symbols of what Spain wants to show the world: the connection between past and future, art and technology, places to meet our guests, with whom we wish to communicate and create friendships. The Queen and I, and many other Spaniards, will make Seville our chosen home in order to proudly experience this world exposition in the company of our guests. I am sure that they will also be able to confirm that hospitality and magnanimity are Spanish characteristics. The next few months will undoubtedly mean much hard work in which we can demonstrate the best in ourselves and the best in Spain. There is no doubt that the results of these efforts will be a great success. I therefore now declare the world exposition open."

Source: ABC. 21.4.1992

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