The History of World Expositions

The Seattle World Exposition 1962 and the New York World Exposition 1964
Man in the Space Age

Year: 1962
City: Seattle
Country: USA
Duration: 21th April - 21th October 1962


The Theme of the world exhibition in Seattle 1962 “Man in the Space Age” offered the setting for demonstrating American competence. It was to be the basis for a visionary performance of human life in the year 2000. Thanks to B.I.E support, no less than 49 nations participated as exhibitors. They set up their pavilions around the International Fountain with jets up to 30 metres high and hoisted their flags on masts on the Festival Square. The nation pavilions were joined by numerous American company pavilions, among them Ford with a dome-shaped building and the building of IBM exhibiting the first computers as well as a rather gaudy promotion stand for the 1964 New York World’s Fair competition.

The Theme of the exposition was structured into five parts: The World of Science (by far the most comprehensive section), the World of the 21. Century, the World of Commerce and Business, the World of Art and the World of Show.

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