The Participants


A pavilion made of limestone, tiles and cork

Nation: Portugal
National Day: 05.10.00



Limestone, tiles and cork - Portugal uses exclusively natural materials for the exterior of its pavilion. The characteristic tiles, or "azulejos", glazed yellow and blue in this case, and the renewable building material cork symbolise the emphasis put on tradition and sustainability. In Portugal, cork has already been harvested from the bark of the cork oak for centuries. The trees can be shorn every eight to ten years.

Two imposing cork oaks in the forecourt mark the entrance to the building, which is covered by a corrugated, translucent roof. How cork is harvested and processed - Portugal is the worldwide leader in cork production - is shown on a panorama screen. The country's natural reserves, representing approximately one-fifth of its territory, are also presented.

The Portuguese Pavilion was designed by the architects Álvaro Siza and Souto Moura and is to be rebuilt after the World Exposition.


Little morsels for demanding tastes

Dried cod and shrimp morsels 
Ham or cheese sandwich

"Pasteis de nata" - cream tarts
Various small cakes

EXPOSEEUM - The Museum of World Exhibitions, Hanover, Expo Plaza 11
Open every Sunday from 11 to 16