The History of World Expositions

The Saint Louis World Exposition 1904

Year: 1904
City: St. Louis
Country: USA
Duration: 30th April - 1st December 1904

Facts and Figures

Official Title: Louisiana Purchase Exposition

Theme: The centenary of the purchase of the territory of Louisiana on 30 April 1803

Opened on: 30 April 1904 in front of the Louisiana Monument

Duration: 30 April - 1 December, 216 days

Venue: Forest Park, west of St. Louis

Start of planning work: 22 September 1889

Symbols: The Louisiana Monument, the festival hall, the Pike pleasure park

Organisation: Company for the representation of the shareholders: Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company und
commission for the representation of the government with 9 commissioners

Responsible: The President of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company: David R. Francis
1st Vice-President: Corwin Spencer
Treasurer: M. H. Thompson
General secretary: Walter B. Stevens
In charge of building work: Isaac S. Taylor
Director responsible for the exhibitions/exhibits: Frederick J. V. Skiff
Director of Finance: Norris B. Gregg
President of the Board of Lady Managers: Mrs Daniel Manning

Size of the site: 500 hectares

Exhibitors: 15,009 American exhibitors

System of order: 16 departments, 144 groups, 802 classes

Head Architect: Isaac S. Taylor, assisted by Emmanuel L. Masqueray

Foreign exhibitors: 60

American pavilions: 50

International thematic pavilions: 14

Foreign pavilions: 21

Visitors: 19,694,855, 30,000,000 being expected

Price of entrance tickets: $0.50 for adults, $0.25 for children, free admittance for members of the jury, the congresses and for workers

Expenditure: Between $25,000,000$ and $31,500,000

Takings: $26,000,000
in addition to entrance fees and the contributions from the exhibitors
$5 million from the United States
$5 million from the City of St. Louis
$5 million share capital

Jury members: 1,048

Awards: 39,158 Grands Prix, gold, silver and bronze medals
38% of all prizes went to Americans:
15,009 awards, including 837 Grands Prix and 3,955 gold medals.

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