The History of World Expositions

The Vienna World Exposition 1873
Basking in the brilliance of the period of rapid industrial development

Year: 1873
City: Vienna
Country: Austria
Duration: 1st may - 31st october 1873


The Vienna “Prater“ had already been an amusement park for a long time. But in the summer of 1873, the park was completely cleared and renovated and became a world meeting place. Surrounded by variety shows and exotic restaurants, the chief architect, Carl von Hasenauer, built what was the landmark of this first world exhibition in a German-speaking country: an enormous hall for industrial products that was given the name “Rotunde”. In order to draw special attention to the engineers’ achievements, the daring steel construction was not covered on the outside.
There was ample space in the wide halls of the palace for the different nations to present themselves. The brilliant achievements of these years of rapid industrial expansion in Austria were adversely offset by the Vienna stock market crash and a cholera epidemic.

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