The History of World Expositions

The Seattle World Exposition 1962 and the New York World Exposition 1964
A tale of two cities

Year: 1962
City: Seattle
Country: USA
Duration: 21th April - 21th October 1962


Space travel was the key theme of the two so far last world exhibitions in the USA. Although the Century 21 Exposition had been categorized officially as World Exposition, the rather commercially orientated competitor in New York attracted far more visitors. The Seattle concept was to emphasise the contributions of science and research to the American Way of Life, to help reduce the shock of Soviet successes with their space programme. At the New York World’s Fair however, most participating companies thought only of polishing up their images with rather spectacular pavilions and shows. As a weaker repeat performance of the 1939 precursor it varied too many past ideas and did not develop any visions.

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