The History of World Expositions

The London World Exposition 1851

Year: 1851
City: London
Country: Great Britain
Duration: 1st May - 11th October 1851

Copyright: Tallis 1852, Bd. 1, S. 4
Facts and Figures

Official title: The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations

Exhibition site: Hyde Park

Area: 10.5 hectares, of which 7.2 hectares for the Crystal Palace

Exhibition area: 8.7 hectares

Duration: 1 May 11 October 1851

Exhibitors: 14,000 with over one million exhibits, 6,900 from England

Foreign participants: from 25 countries and 15 British colonies

Visitors: 6,039,205

Entrance fees: variable, between one shilling and
one pound

Classification: 4 sections and 30 classes

Jury: 314 members, half from England, half foreign

Prizes: 5,130 awards in three categories. Awards of the first category go mainly to Britain (46 percent) and France (33 percent)

Cost: 913,000 pounds

Profit: 150,000 pounds

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