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The north-westerly part of the site was reserved for the international pavilions which grouped around the congress and administration centre of the Tudor-style University of Washington right up to the Olympic Stadium in the west. The predominant trend was to build replicas of national buildings, such as a Chinese temple, the orangery at Kensington or an Italian Renaissance villa, and there was a sad shortage of forward-looking architectural styles. The only original exception was the Austrian building a work of the modern Vienna School. What the visitors probably found particularly exotic were the wigwams with real Indians living in them. To the south of these was the part of the site which housed the agricultural palace and the horticultural exhibition. On the pond there were demonstrations of rescue attempts and swimming races. At the foot of the agricultural building was the Philippine exhibition, which was encompassed by a wall built on the model of the old fortress of Manila with a high gate. On the edge of the moat in front of the wall lay the reed-thatched huts. Apart from more buildings of the American states, the section between the state terrace and the agricultural palace also accommodated the Israeli??? grounds and a Japanese garden with tea pavilions, artificial ponds, bridges and smaller buildings. A wooden amphitheatre-like construction with high, steeply ascending galleries was where the most elaborate show of the exhibition took place every afternoon and evening: a reproduction of the Boer War.

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The Saint Louis World Exposition 1904
The international pavilions
Year: 1904City: St. LouisCountry: USA
Duration: 30th April - 1st December 1904



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