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Walter Haubrich:

"At first glance, the exposition looks like a collection of very different architectural styles, highlighted, not to say suffocated, by their close proximity. However, the colourful mixture of cubic and precise mathematical buildings, the traditional architecture of exotic countries, the self-ironic playful pavilions, and the pop-art buildings, is one of the attractions of this world exposition. (...)

The world is split into four parts in Seville: on centre stage are the European Union countries surrounded by the other wealthy countries with similarly large buildings: Australia, the United States, Canada, Japan, Scandinavian countries, and Switzerland. And then, thanks to support from the organising country, come the Latin American countries occupying a favourable position, followed by the poorer countries of Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. Most of the pavilions contain restaurants featuring national delicacies. Almost 50,000 events are planned in the cultural programme, from opera performances with stars such as Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras, concerts, ballet, street theatre, cinema films, flamenco and rock music. The world premiers of several plays will take place in the next six months in Seville. Famous orchestras from around the world will be performing.

That the EXPO will also be a commercial festival can hardly be ignored. There is a great deal of advertising almost everywhere and some multinational companies even have their own exposition buildings, which, as if these major companies were separate states, stand side by side with the national pavilions. Nor did the self help organisation of the Spanish blind want to miss out: it has one of the largest pavilions - reflecting its significance as a major commercial organisation. And on top of this, EXPO 92 is also a fun fair."

Source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. 21.4.1992

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The Seville World Exposition 1992
Year: 1992City: SevillaCountry: Spain
Duration: 20th April - 12th October 1992



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