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At the same time as the world exhibition, a 'World Festival' was staged, a six-month cultural festival with more than 20,000 events that ensured a further stream of visitors. From ballet and theater productions up to concerts and popular musicals such as 'Hello Dolly', a total of 16.5 million visitors were presented with a rich and varied range of arrivé high-brow culture, for which an Expo Theater was specially constructed on the exhibition site.

The number of visitors to Expo '67 almost broke the record for the Paris world exhibition in 1900. Never before had so many nations (62 in all) participated in a world exhibition. Expo '67 cost four times as much as the 1958 world exhibition in Brussels, but the major efforts to improvement the infrastructure were to pay off in the long term for Montreal. Both the new land and also a number of buildings on the island of Notre-Dame were able to be used for the 1976 Summer Olympics and for the Floralie horticulture exhibition in 1980. The same applies to some theme pavilions and the buildings in the Cité du Havre, such as the art exhibition building, in which however such an impressive and valuable presentation of works of art from all over the world was never to be held again. The La Ronde amusement park, supplemented by further attractions, continued to be intensively frequented by the citizens of Montreal in the following years. The new metro developed in the city a system of underground shopping centers, passages and garages, which were continuously expanded in the following decades. Now you can escape from the harsh Canadian winters and - unless you really want to - do not have to go outside. With its new architectural spatial structures and innovative traffic concepts, ranging up to visions of space travel, the world exhibition demonstrated a technological path to mastering the future problems of civilization. Man and his World - that still meant at Expo '67: man conquers nature.

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The Montreal World Exposition 1967
For the benefit of humanity and the city
Year: 1967City: MontrealCountry: Canada
Duration: 28th April - 27th October 1967



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