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"Its objective is to be a meeting place for harmony and peace by not only striving to promote economic exchange between peoples but also the exchange of ideas and friendship. No advancement made in the fields of contemporary thought or science will be excluded. It welcomes all forms of activity in the spheres of industry and commerce. It specially honours artistic and decorative skills in the fields of art and technology by stimulating close cooperation between artists and commercial art. It attempts to create fertile ground for the blossoming of new styles, and strives to demonstrate that originality and fine taste, as well as handicraft production conscientiousness, can be brought together in domestic consumer goods to show that beauty and function are not mutually exclusive.

The 1937 International World Exposition therefore wishes to present a synthesis of all progress made by our generation. It will thus take stock of contemporary civilisation. The outcome will educate all peoples, and highlight the areas where they should direct their efforts to maintain or improve their standing.

Source: Paris 1937, Exposition internationale arts et techniques. p.1.

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The Paris World Exposition 1937
World Exposition Programme
Year: 1937City: ParisCountry: France
Duration: 25th May - 25th November 1937



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